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Cashwerkz, Agility Applications to rollout cash investing app in Q4 2020

CashwerkzSydney-based Cashwerkz, an online platform designed for cash investing, announced its partnership with HUB24’s Agility Applications on the rollout of new capabilities designed to streamline the management of At Call and Term Deposits for financial advisers. The collaboration encapsulates an investment protocol for financial advisers to identify, invest and rollover At Call and Fixed Term cash investments via an app integrated with the Cashwerkz marketplace.

Hector Ortiz, Head of Sales, Cashwerkz said, “Cashwerkz was launched to innovate the online cash investment process and act in the best interests of Australian investors. It is critical we continue to innovate the functional capabilities of Cashwerkz marketplace to better meet the needs of all parties.”

Cashwerkz had partnered with Agility Applications for its Connect solution in mid-2019. Agility Applications provides customised data solutions and at present has 175 financial services groups across Australia as its customers. The new Agility Applications app will further enable advisers to streamline the application and administration of cash investments for their clients.

Rob Forbes, General Manager Technology Solutions, HUB24 added, “We value the automation and streamlining of administration for our client’s cash investments. This collaboration with Cashwerkz to further develop new functionality will enhance Agility’s solution for our clients to manage their investment activities and supports the ongoing growth of their At Call and Term deposit investment operations.”

The app will have a phased rollout commencing in Q4 2020 and is expected to save financial advisers up to 2 working days a month in the administration of these investments.

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