Alastair Paterson, CEO, and co-founder of Digital Shadows

California based Digital Shadows, a digital risk protection platform has announced $10 million in Series C funding. This round was led by National Australia Bank (NAB). Existing investors, including Octopus Ventures, have made further contributions to boost their shareholding in the company.

Digital Shadows plans to scale the delivery of its SearchLight service and plans to increase the number of users on its existing platform, product development is also an area of focus for the California based startup. Digital Shadows will also be providing global coverage of security threats for the first time as it has expanded its Asia Pacific team.

Alastair Paterson, CEO, and co-founder of Digital Shadows, comments: “Demand for digital risk protection continues to flourish with significant growth in the Asia Pacific market. It’s clear that an investment from a regional specialist in NAB Ventures is exactly what is needed to drive further growth in this massive market and to expand the delivery of our SearchLight service to customers around the world. We’re very pleased that our existing investors feel the same and have joined us on this next stage of our journey.”

Digital Shadows will also have Melissa Widner, Managing Director, NAB Ventures and David Fairman, Chief Enterprise Security Officer at NAB, on its board.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence