A group of former I-flex Solutions staff within a company called i-exceed have launched a mobile apps platform that is intended to isolate the back office from the device-type, thereby easing support of the latter. The search is on for a first taker of the product, dubbed Appzillon.
S Sundararajan, i-exceedBangalore-based i-exceed has launched a mobile banking app development suite which is intended to ease integration with the back office by isolating this from the device types. Appzilllon has been built from the back outwards, rather than from the user interface inwards, explains executive director, S Sundararajan. As such, it uses the message formats of an enterprise service and from here are created the corresponding business definitions and default layouts, with users able to enhance the latter. It is based on HTML 5.

There are ‘containers’ for each device, which bring native functionality and security, and it could be used to replace current point solutions, says Sundararajan. The sequence by which those containers will be added for specific devices will depend on customer demand, he says. Support for Android is already available. Learning from their experiences within the Flexcube core banking business of I-flex Solutions (now Oracle FSS), from which the three founders of i-exceed are drawn, there will be a single, standard version of the product, he adds.

The offering is currently at the prototype stage, with availability set for the end of the year, with proof of concept studies under way with a number of banks. The supplier claims to have demonstrated it to more than 60 banks and the feedback has been that there is ‘clearly a need’ to remove the technical complexities from app development and speed up time to market.

It has always been i-exceed’s intention to be a product company, says Sundararajan. Other applications will be added, with the focus described as ‘niche value-add products around the core banking space’. Business intelligence and analytics could be the next area of attention, he says.

Since being set up in April 2011, i-exceed has largely been providing services, particularly to the Flexcube user base (Silicon Valley Bank in California and Bank Danamon in Indonesia are among the customers). Of late, it has also provided services to Temenos and Misys users (it has cross-platform performance management services, for instance). As mentioned, along with Sundararajan, the other founders are also both ex-I-flex Solutions, comprising Joseph John (managing director) and Kapil Gupta (director). It now has almost 100 staff, of which Sundararajan estimates around 40 per cent have an I-flex background.

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