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BullBear offers risk-free learning in the Covid-19 crash 

Trading app BullBear has launched new features to support budding investors looking to hone their skills against the backdrop of the Covid-19 stock market plunge. The risk-free financial game aims to empower the next generation of investors to learn how to trade stocks and shares by playing with dummy chips as opposed to real money.

App users may engage in both short-term and long-term trading games using real-time market data from popular stocks enabling them to build investing confidence, making the app both engaging and educational.

With over 35,000 downloads, the BullBear app provides a free way to learn how trading works by offering a practice arena in which trades take place and where no real money can be lost. Whilst the app incorporates dummy chips to invest with, players can still redeem prizes by winning ‘bulls’ when they rank high in games. These bulls can be used to redeem rewards, such as gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Netflix, at the in-app store.

Co-founder of the BullBear app, Anurag Saboo, stated: “I realised just how lacking the support for young investors was when my cofounder and I wanted to invest some money in stocks whilst at university. We had no idea where to start and so spent a couple of months trying to find a platform through which we could learn the basics before we risked any cash. But it simply didn’t exist. The resources that did were dull and theoretical. Paper trading can be very boring, and no-commission trading helps only if you make money out of your portfolio. Social methods of learning can help, for example, Etoro’s copy trades, but they still don’t let investors explore the markets themselves before putting money down. Combine this with the fact that only a small percentage of young investors make money through the market, and others end up staying away or are pushed away through losses, we decided to launch BullBear to offer a free, fun alternative.”

The BullBear stock market simulation app is available to download on Google Play and the App Store. Assets available to trade on the platform include US and Europe equities, ETF’s and cryptocurrencies.

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