BMEBME Inntech, a subsidiary of the BME Group, has announced of the development of Banco Mediolanum’s online trading platform which allows for trading in the national and international Equity and Derivatives market. Banco Mediolanum is the Spanish branch of the European banking group, Mediolanum Group.

According to the supplier, the new platform developed is called Mediolanum Market Trader and it will facilitate customisation of information for each market. The platform is expected to allow the users to analyse market trends through the generation of graphics, indicators and real-time oscillators.

BME’s trading solutions are expected to offer services to the financial institutions that cover the entire value chain along with the development and implementation of technological tools for the industry.

BME Inntech is a BME subsidiary that aims to provide high-performance technological solutions as well as scalable solutions with a global and integral approach.

Recently, Oracle’s ERP Cloud technology was selected by BME, in a bid to reconstruct its internal financial platform.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence