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bitFlyer’s new feature to enhance accessibility of crypto purchase

Cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer launched the feature Instant Buy on its Buy/Sell exchange platform in Europe. The new feature will enable users to buy cryptocurrency directly from the supplier through a credit card, a debit card or local transfer methods.

Andy Bryant, Co-head and COO at bitFlyer Europe, said, “Instant Buy is the latest upgrade to bitFlyer’s Buy/Sell platform, as part of our goal to create a simpler, faster and transparent experience when it comes to buying virtual currencies. By making it similar to that of a traditional e-commerce experience, we are helping bringing cryptocurrency to a mainstream audience, while also giving experienced users a faster and simpler way to get their currency.”

According to the supplier, Instant Buy includes features such as an all-in-one solution to purchase, store and secure their investments among others. It also allows for the purchase of cryptocurrency directly from the platform at a predefined rate and displays fees related to payment processing.

bitFlyer EUROPE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of bitFlyer, Inc., a bitcoin and blockchain company based in Japan. The European office is located in Luxembourg and operates an exchange platform for European traders to buy and sell virtual currencies.

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