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BetterTradeOff launches personal finance platform ‘Up’

BetterTradeOffSingapore-based FinTech BetterTradeOff has announced the launch of an online solution ‘Up’  that is expected to facilitate enhanced financial management for the customers and simplify their financial planning process.

Laurent Bertrand, founder and CEO of BetterTradeOff, said, “We developed ‘Up’ to combat the complexities of traditional financial planning, building a fun, and easy to use online tool that allows anyone, regardless of financial acumen, to explore and plan a better future. ‘Up’ lets people take control of the future and unleash new possibilities through better financial decisions”.

According to the FinTech, the solution will provide the customers with a tool for exploring different financial choices and outcomes while going through a range of financial situations including family composition, life events, expenses and income, CPF, etc. The personal finance-planning tool has been developed on a technology platform which incorporates advanced statistical models and artificial intelligence. It currently has a presence in four countries namely Singapore, the Philippines, the UAE and Switzerland.

Established in 2015 in Singapore, BetterTradeOff aims to reinvent financial life planning. The company uses solutions to empower people with in-context information to plan and realize their life goals.

Recently, BetterTradeOff hired Karen Fawcett as a non-executive director on its board who was formerly CEO of Retail Banking & Group Head Brand and Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank.

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