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Banks and FIs ahead of the curve on cybersecurity

Banks and financial institutions are ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting customer data and critical systems, according to Poppy Gustafsson, CEO and Co-Founder of machine-learning security firm Darktrace.

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt in London, Gustafsson explained that in the company’s experience, FIs are usually more keen to exploit cutting-edge technology to shield their networks. Dark trace utilises machine learning to create a map of a network. This map, which she likened to an immune system, allows the system to flag changes to a company as soon as something changes.

A lot of corporates will say that they have the best in the business when it comes to anti-virus, noted Gustafsson, but are shown up by Darktrace when they go in to test their system. Acquisition and expansion means that no company can have a cover-all method of protection.

Darktrace, which has 1,500 deployments across the world, is also introducing a new solution that will single out and shut down threats as they emerge. Automation means that security is no longer 9-5 and that proactive security measures can be put in place even when the IT team is away from their desks.

AI can be used for both good and evil, too. Gustafsson says that AI attackers can be just as deadly, arming their infiltration with learning tools to mimic employee correspondence, email formatting and language. A future where AIs will be at war with eachother over customer data, she adds, is still a long way off yet, though.

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