Banking malware ran wild across Asia Pacific in 2016

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More than 317,822 instances of banking malware were detected in the APAC region in 2016, according to research from Trend Micro. The region was the most infected and attacked on the planet.

2016 was a record year for malware growth, with ransomware families increasing by 752% and raking in more than $1 billion in ill-gotten gains. APAC accounted for 27% of infections, in front of EMEA (25%) and Latin America (22%).

More than three times the amount of malware was detected in Asia than in North America and six times more than in Latin America. The most popular target for criminals included ATMs and terminals still running the long-outdated Windows XP operating system, which Microsoft has ended support for.

Businesses Email Compromise (BEC) campaigns gained the most momentum and attacked the most victims. BEC scams, which utilise phishing techniques to infect a company’s systems, were found in 92 countries, with losses for each attack averaging around $140,000. Hong Kong, Japan and India were the most affected.