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Bank of Thailand goes live with SimCorp Dimension

Oliver Johnson, Managing Director of SimCorp APAC

SimCorp has announced that the Bank of Thailand has implemented and has gone live with SimCorp Dimension in a bid to transform its reserve management and monetary policy operations including the front-to-back management of all invested asset classes on one core platform.

Wongjan Sripaoraya, Head of Reserve Management Department, Bank of Thailand said, “With a thorough understanding of our needs and close collaboration throughout the whole implementation, SimCorp has delivered this project within the timeframe and on budget. Equally important, we now have a better holistic view of our reserves management, enabling thorough analysis of our data, which we have been striving for. SimCorp’s commitment to delivering this, together with the many benefits we have realized through consolidation, have proved invaluable. We look forward to continuing this valuable partnership in the future.

According to the supplier, the implementation is expected to provide the bank with greater control over its data as well as offer sophisticated levels of automation. Some of the other benefits of the implementation will include the integration of SimCorp’s Order Manager with Bank of Thailand’s execution platform, higher levels of automated workflows, fully automated market data through SimCorp’s investment management tool, provision for an integrated IBOR and the creation of a consolidated accounting general ledger using one data set across IBOR and ABOR(Accounting Book of Record).

Oliver Johnson, Managing Director of SimCorp Asia Pacific commented, “It is an honour to have the opportunity to establish a long-term partnership with The Bank of Thailand and welcome this esteemed institution to the SimCorp community. As a trusted partner to banks and sovereign wealth funds across the region and globally, we strongly believe in the bank’s strategic decision to address its technology in-house. It forms a leading example among asset owner peers across Asia, who are faced with increasing risk build-up and striving to improve their investment management capabilities. The region’s growing reserves and market complexity will continue to strengthen the insourcing trend and increase the need for integrated, multi-asset investment management solutions.”

Recently, Swiss financial expert SIX has announced a partnership with SimCorp, wherein, Six’s Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service will allow SimCorp’s clients to access up-to-date global sanctions data directly from SIX.

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