Automation Anywhere acquires Paris-based Klevops

automation anywhere

Prince Kohli, CTO, Automation Anywhere

US-based RPA solutions provider, Automation Anywhere has acquired a Paris-based privately-held company, Klevops. The acquisition is expected to provide the RPA-provider with the capability to orchestrate workstreams across employees and bots, thereby driving productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

Prince Kohli, Chief Technology Officer, Automation Anywhere commented, “The acquired technology from Klevops will alter the dynamics between attended and unattended automation making it a foundational solution for companies scaling their automation initiatives across all industries. This is especially relevant to contact center-intensive industries like banking, financial services, and telecommunications.”

The supplier states that the acquisition will propel the level of automation amongst customers, with a constant level of central governance, security, and analytic capability. The Automation Anywhere 2.0, a company-devised enhanced RPA category, will enable employees to arrange the automation of tasks across a group of employees and bots.

“As the demand for RPA continues to increase across multiple industries, acquisitions like this one will be part of the company’s growth strategy as we continue to help solve customer pain points and automate a greater number of business processes,” said Peter Meechan, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Automation Anywhere. “Attended automation is typically triggered by a single person. The combined solution of Klevops and Automation Anywhere’s attended automation creates the industry’s first capability to enable bots driving actions with multiple human teams to coordinate their activities.”

Recently, the RPA-provider expanded its operations into the Middle East market even as digital transformation continues to gain traction in the region backed by several government mandates including the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.

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