Aspire Systems today launched a new digital banking ecosystem built on TemenosUXP aimed at challenger banks that are looking to provide ultra-personalized services.

‘Design Your Own Digital Bank’ (DYOB) helps challenger banks offer customers better finance management and sound decision-making capabilities along with a sleek drag and drop, customizable dashboard for hassle free banking experiences.

Srini Peyyalamitta, vice president—banking and financial services, Aspire Systems said, “We are excited to launch DYOB since the right UX design can prevent valuable customers from suffering a negative experience and most importantly drive better decision-making. From composition to color to an explosion of patterns along with a wide range of fintech options available in a plug n play model, a Temenos powered digital banking customer will be able to consume a variety of features and design themes while they bank online.”

DYOB is available as an add-on feature for banks with Temenos Digital Banking Solution (Temenos Channels). Aspire is also offering it on a complementary basis as part of their Temenos Digital Banking implementation package.

Peyyalamitta added, “DYOB is built with TemenosUXP and has been fostered from Aspire’s Temenos Innovation lab. The ecosystem is currently set to help banks provide digital savvy customers a unique banking experience.”



by Parnika Sokhi