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ASHBURN International and Lietuvos paštas extend card acquiring deal

Lithuanian postal service provider, Lietuvos paštas, has extended its cooperation agreement with ASHBURN International for the next two years. ASHBURN International develops and implements software solutions for authorization of payment cards and network management of EFTPOS terminals.

Under the agreement, ASHBURN will continue to ensure the operation of Lietuvos paštas’ payment terminals which are connected to the TransLink.iQ. These allow real time monitoring, parametrization and software update of all devices.

The collaboration between the companies have enabled post offices in cities and regional centres of Lithuania to be equipped with integrated terminals for multi-bank payments, which allowed customers to pay for goods and services using the payment cards.

Recently, Lietuvos paštas couriers were provided with Ingenico mobile EFTPOS terminals, which made it possible to pay for goods ordered on the Internet with a payment card. This method of payment negates the need for the client to look for an ATM to withdraw cash or make an electronic transfer of funds.

Lietuvos paštas is a national postal and courier service provider that has earned the trust due to its professional service and a century of history. The company employs about 5,000 people. Lietuvos Paštas sends 16 million packages annually and serves 800,000 customers every month.

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