Andrew Yates, Co-Founder and CEO, Artesian Solutions

Artesian Solutions, the UK based client intelligence tool for financial services companies, announced the general availability of its new Artesian Risk and Compliance Hub (ARCH). It is a service that enables relationship managers, underwriters and frontline teams within banks, insurance companies, and other financially regulated industries to quickly assess and better understand their corporate clients at the start of the customer journey and throughout the life of the customer.

ARCH enables relationship managers to have the earliest possible view of risks and opportunities to help their clients, whilst also protecting their own organisation. With a sophisticated configurable decision engine, ARCH continuously monitors real-time credit risk and KYC data sources, but uniquely applies each bank or insurer’s own policies to that data. The result is a summarised view of appetite and complexity, drawing attention to any potential issues with clear flags where action should be taken before proceeding. ARCH empowers users to set realistic expectations for the onboarding process and accelerates any situations that would be impacted by KYC/credit risk processes.

Speaking about the launch, Artesian Solutions Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Yates commented: “We have the great privilege of serving 80% of the UK’s major banking institutions, providing powerful sales engagement insights to relationship managers. We asked what we could do to make our software even more useful and the answer was ARCH. We believe this puts Artesian in a unique position to be able to combine customer engagement capabilities together with credit and risk in one single application delivered through a browser or mobile device.”

In early tests conducted with a leading UK bank, ARCH was found to be 100% accurate in comparison to the existing bank process, finding 14% more critical risk issues than that particular bank’s existing process. In addition, ARCH reduced average case time from 200 minutes to 8 minutes (a 96% improvement), allowing relationship managers to know more, know sooner and save time – enabling them to focus on delivering better customer experience.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence