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Android Pay will launch this week and beat Samsung Pay to the punch, leak reveals


Android Pay could be released by Wednesday

An online leak has lead to suggestions that Android Pay – Google’s mobile payments system – could be released as early as this Wednesday.

A notice sent to employees at McDonalds, the source of the leak, informs employees about the upcoming implementation of Android Pay and even offers them laminated sheets that explain the changes in full.

Similar to Apple Pay, Android Pay won’t require the participation of retailers, as the system uses near-field communication (NFC) to communicate with compatible payment terminals. As long as a store has one of these terminals the new system can be used immediately.

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The Wednesday launch, according to Android Police, is not unusual as Google has a history of pushing midweek updates. If the leak is believed to be true it means that Android Pay will be releasing without much pomp and ceremony, similar to how rival Apple Pay launched earlier this year.

Another interesting factor in the leaked launch is that it will put Android Pay to market before manufacturer Samsung’s own payments system, Samsung Pay. The early Android Pay launch could disrupt the South Korean company’s plans as Samsung Pay won’t be launching in its home country until later this month with a view to a US release in September.

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Apple Pay, meanwhile, has suffered a setback in Australia, where it’s facing opposition from four major banks, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, over its transaction fees policy.

It is unknown how many banks are in support of Android Pay, or how the system’s security will measure up. Samsung Pay, meanwhile, is said to have the support of the vast majority of South Korean banks as well as Visa and Mastercard.

UPDATE 27/08/15: It has since been revealed that the McDonalds leak was a fake, as both dates mentioned in the image (26th August for Android Pay and 21st August for Samsung Pay) have passed without incident. Google took to Twitter to assuage the fears of its fans, urging them to keep a look out.

By Alex Hamilton

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