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Amun & Bitcoin Suisse partner for crypto ETP launch

Switzerland-based crypto financial services companies, Amun AG and Bitcoin Suisse AG have partnered for the launch of CHF denominated crypto ETP- Amun Bitcoin Suisse BTC/ ETH ETP (ticker ABBA) in a bid to enable Swiss investors to utilize brokers or banks for adding bitcoin and ether to their portfolio.

Lothar Cerjak, Head Institutional Services & Products, Bitcoin Suisse said, “We are excited to launch our first exchange-traded product, part of our continually expanding range of services. Along with Amun, we share a strong desire to pioneer new possibilities in crypto finance, building with the highest standards of technology and service which Bitcoin Suisse offers since 2013.”

The ABBA ETP has been issued by Amun and administered via an issuance and administration platform, Amun Onyx Platform. The ETP enables both retail and institutional clients around the world to gain regulated exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Hany Rashwan, Co-Founder and CEO, Amun, said, “The ETP was designed for the Swiss by the Swiss to answer a need for a CHF denominated ETP. It represents a unique way for investors to add the two major cryptocurrencies globally to their portfolio via a regulated product listed on SIX and backed by a Swiss-based custodian. This product further exemplifies Switzerland’s leading position in the crypto space, where Amun is able to work closely with the exchange and authorities to create regulated, compelling, and institutional-grade financial products.”

Established in 2018, Amun AG allows investors to invest in crypto in a regulated framework on the SIX Swiss Exchange using a conventional broker or bank.

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