Alphacomm Solutions, a payments solution provider for the telco and digital goods sectors, is implementing ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution.

According to the vendor, ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution provides Alphacomm with extensive global connectivity to a network of more than 350 card acquirers and alternative payment methods, backed by PCI-compliant payment processing in the cloud. Covering 160 countries, supporting all currencies and over 25 languages, ACI’s solution makes it possible for Alphacomm to realise its ambitious global growth plans.

“Speed can be critical in taking advantage of market opportunities, and for any organisation that accepts payments, that means having the ability to quickly and efficiently configure alternative payment methods and optimise acquiring strategy,” said Andy McDonald, vice president – Merchant Payments, ACI Worldwide. “Though our pre-existing technical connectivity to more than 350 payment endpoints, Alphacomm can fully focus their resources on feature development and take customer experience to the next level.

“ACI’s track record of nearly twenty years supporting telecommunications companies, and demonstrated expertise in helping businesses expand internationally, made it a natural fit for Alphacomm,” said Huub Sparnaay, CEO, Alphacomm. “Access to ACI’s global network of endpoints enables our customers to fine-tune their payments setup for higher conversions, while the tokenisation solution provides a seamless checkout flow that improves the overall customer experience.”

by Alex Hamilton
Alex is Senior Reporter at IBS Intelligence, follow him on Twitter or contact him at: