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AllocateRite launches mobile app to democratise wealth management

AllocateRite, New York-based FinTech and data science company that provides investment managers with ETF-based dynamic asset allocation strategies and risk analytics announced that its proprietary portfolio management and asset allocation strategies will be available to iOS and Android mobile devices via mobile app.

The app democratizes wealth management by giving everyone access to various investment strategies that previously were reserved for high net worth individuals or financial institutions.

AllocateRite’s AI-powered strategies use portfolio construction and risk management techniques to offer risk-adjusted returns over time. The mobile app is expected to link easily to the user’s brokerage account to use the company’s strategies. It also gives the flexibility to allocate either a partial amount or the entire amount of user’s account to the company’s strategies while maintaining full custody and control of his/her account at the brokerage firm.

The company’s strategies are suitable for retirement accounts, as they are focused on capital preservation, capital appreciation and income, enabling the user to reduce management fees by having money flow out of pricey mutual funds into low-cost ETFs.

AllocateRite is a FinTech company that makes use of AI, proprietary heuristic algorithms, and predictive analytics to deliver autonomous wealth and risk management platforms to professional investment managers and the public, providing them with AI-based alternative investment strategies that prioritize risk management and capital preservation through ETFs.

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