The Agricultural Bank of Sudan has gone live on ICS Banks Islamic from ICSFS.

The bank, which is wholly-owned by the government, replaced existing legacy systems to lay a foundation for “future growth” and achieve “future plans”.

“With almost 60 years servicing Sudan’s agricultural and banking sector, through our presence and spread in all regions, we are committed to deliver exceptional and bespoke products and services to our customers,” said general manager of the bank, Salah Al Din Hasan.

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“With the comprehensive and advanced banking and financial technologies provided by ICSFS, we are geared up for leveraging ICS Banks Islamic software solutions to power our continuous growth and achieve our future plans.”

Managing Director of ICSFS, Robert Hazboun, added: “The move to will provide The Agricultural Bank of Sudan a complete integrated end-to-end and comprehensive suite of Islamic Banking application, making it more agile in adapting to future banking digital technologies.

“The Agricultural Bank of Sudan will benefit from ICS Banks Islamic’s rich features and functionalities and open architecture, where it will enable the bank to drive extensive operations and procedures with minimal cost and risk.”

by Alex Hamilton
Alex is Senior Reporter at IBS Intelligence, follow him on Twitter or contact him at: