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ACI introduces Disbursement Services to Bill Payment solution

Sanjay Gupta, Executive VP, ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide has announced the launch of its ACI Disbursement Services, a solution which aims to allow businesses to send money to consumers’ bank accounts in real-time. The solution, a part of ACI’s UP Bill Payment offering, is backed by Visa Direct and Mastercard Send.

“It currently takes several days to send out disbursements to consumers, which is unacceptable in a world where consumer expectations for instant and digital payments are high. This is especially true with the Gen Z population, whose biggest challenge is the speed with which they receive money,” said Sanjay Gupta, executive vice president, ACI Worldwide. “And in a situation where a consumer may be displaced due to a natural disaster, these expectations are non-negotiable as far as the consumer is concerned. We’re excited to launch ACI’s Disbursement Services to help transform consumers’ payment experience and reduce business costs associated with printing and mailing checks.”

ACI’s UP Bill Payments solution provides a platform that enables bill payments operation which simplifies the bill settlement and payment processing method and aims to improve its customer experience across all channels.

Recently, JCB Co. Ltd’s subsidiary JCB International has announced an alliance with ACI Worldwide in order to introduce “JCB Web API Service” using API’s eCommerce Payments Solution.

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