ABN AMRO to launch SaaS application with Ockto’s technology

ABN AMRODutch banking group ABN AMRO has announced that it is launching a SaaS application for housing corporations, Wooncontractgemak, in a bid to enhance and automate the housing applications and allocations processes.

According to the supplier, the new application aims to allow prospective tenants to access an application that enables the submission of large amounts of required information in a simplified manner. The application combines the data provided with other information for creating a report, accelerating the allocation of social or private housing. The application is also expected to reduce instances of fraud as well as manual administrative workload and aims to simplify the identification processes for tenants during the contact moments.

The application Wooncontractgemak utilizes Dutch fintech Ockto’s technology that aims for the simplification of document collection concerning social benefits, pension, income, address history, household composition, etc.

Recently, ABN AMRO entered into a partnership with Ecochain, a technology company, in a bid to launch impact-based banking and assist entrepreneurs in speeding up their sustainability shift through Ecochain’s capability of combining sustainability data and financial data.

Founded in 2015 by Yellowtail, Ockto is an online platform that aims to collect and share personal data in a secure way. Through Ockto, customers can access their data that is stored at certain banks and financial institutions.

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