ABN Amro customers will be able to ask question with pictures

ABN Amro customers will be able to ask question with pictures

ABN Amro has announced that it has rolled out a service that gives technical support via the social network and picture messaging service Snapchat.

Snapchat, which has more than one million Dutch customers, allows users to send pictures to each other which, after a certain time limit expires, are deleted permanently.

Launched on 1 February, ABN Amro’s ‘webcare’ project has opened a channel that will allow customers to Snapchat the bank with technical and support questions.

The AMB Amro Snapchat account will send pictures out to followers giving advice about how to save money.

‘If a specific target audience opts for a new channel in such large numbers, we as a bank have to adapt,’ says Jeroen van de Ven, social media manager at ABN Amro.

Snapchat, the bank believes, has grown into a communications medium that financial institutions cannot afford to ignore.

Selfie systems

Facial recognition technology is an innovation that some banks are taking seriously. Banco Nacional of Costa Rica has teamed up with fintech firm FacePhi to introduce recognition software at its branches.

Customers will be able to access their accounts and check their balances by simply having their face scanned.

Mastercard is trialling pilot programs in the US and the Netherlands which aims to allow users to authorise payments by taking a picture of their face.

The trial, in which Mastercard is working alongside International Card Services (ICS), will see 750 ABN Amro users swap their passwords and PINs for fingerprints and facial recognition.

By Alex Hamilton

by IBS Intelligence