2021.AI to enhance Calypso’s back office processes with AI

Calypso Technology Inc has entered into a partnership with Danish AI fintech 2021.AI in a bid to optimize and enhance its back-office processes and facilitate the provision of timely solutions. The supplier states that the partnership is expected to enhance Calypso’s market-leading solutions. It also aims to result in cost optimization, revenue growth as well as risk minimization. The partnership will allow Calypso to gain access to 2021.AI’s platform Grace AI.

“Calypso’s goal is to remain at the forefront of the latest technologies so we can continue to offer clients the best solutions to optimize daily operations, deliver revenue growth and reduce costs. By partnering with 2021.AI, including leveraging both the 2021.AI Grace AI platform and the company’s expertise in developing models, we have fast-tracked our entry into providing machine learning and AI,” said  Raj Manghani, Global Head of Product Development at Calypso Technology.

According to the supplier, Grace AI platform regularizes processes and workflows across areas like data ingestion, model training, deployment, model lifecycle functionality, and retraining. It also provides organizations with monitoring and surveillance under AI Governance as well as other compliance options.

Established in 2016 in Copenhagen, 2021.AI offers AI differentiator for clients to implement models related to chat-bots, classification, etc.

“That our new partner is based in Silicon Valley makes me extra proud,” said CEO and Founder of 2021.AI, Mikael Munck. “Coming from this cradle of technological innovation, Calypso is noted for its front-to-back solutions and quality products. Establishing our second US-based partnership and joining forces with innovative and global leaders like Calypso, is a testament to what we have achieved with our Grace AI platform and shows how AI can enhance the solutions and offerings of leading technology companies.”

Recently, Calypso entered into an alliance with IHS Markit, in a bid to provide a simplified Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (STFR) reporting process to its clients.

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