Matthew Sanders, CEO, Suits Me

Identity confirmation provider HooYu has teamed with alternative banking solution Suits Me to help financially-excluded workers get quicker and simpler access to bank services.
Suits Me is an e-account provider for temporary agency and migrant workers who are unable to open a traditional high street bank account. Members send wages directly into their bank account and receive a VISA debit card that can be used like any card, in store, online and over the phone in millions of locations worldwide.
With customer on-boarding provided in 13 different languages, and automatic recognition of ID documents, the arrangement between Suits Me and HooYu means that those who would otherwise struggle to open a bank account can do so with ease, said the partners.
HooYu said its technology means that new customers applying for a Suits Me card will be seamlessly identified and KYC checked via ID document validation, proof of address capture, PEPS and Sanctions checks and digital footprint analysis. The document is checked against a selfie, taken by smartphone or webcam, to complete the process.
“Getting paid fairly, transparently and on time can be confusing for temporary and migrant workers, and can also be costly when cashing-in payment cheques or receiving wages to a nominated bank account,” said Matthew Sanders, CEO, Suits Me. “We help workers in all aspects of the payment process including having access to their own e-account.”
A Suits Me card, he added, means that workers don’t have to deal with cheques and cashing fees, and agencies and employers can enjoy better employee retention and cheaper payroll: “Integrating HooYu Identify removes yet another hurdle—we can trust who the customer says they are, and, this can happen even more quickly, without unnecessary complications or bureaucracy,” he concluded.
The service which has been rolled out to over 30,000 members since its launch in 2016, has integrated HooYu Identify to maximise the speed and success rate for customers opening an account.
“Suits Me is an innovative solution that gives temporary workers freedom and choice through financial inclusion,” added David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu. “HooYu Identify blends a range of identity verification techniques into one service. By choosing the services according to their needs, Suits Me has built their ideal customer on-boarding process balancing the twin objectives of security and convenience.”

by Guy Matthews
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