Josh Lefkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder, Flashpoint

Business risk intelligence specialist Flashpoint has introduced a new use case-driven approach to its packaged solutions that it claimed allows organisations to more effectively consume and automate threat intelligence. These offerings, said the company, support traditional cybersecurity and operations use cases, as well as fraud, insider threat, corporate and physical security and third-party risk.

By working with the private and public sector to prioritise their intelligence requirements, Flashpoint said it can uniquely support different sized organisations in dozens of industries that have varying program maturity, and deliver relevant context to a broad range of teams.
“Intelligence programs are not ‘one size fits all,’ and pushing only automated feeds or indicators without context to a customer creates more noise than it creates solutions,” said Josh Lefkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder, Flashpoint. “Different teams analyse data differently based on their use cases, and the best way to help these teams is to focus solutions on use cases, not on a source of data or technology.”

He said the company works with customers to create optimal search patterns, capture intelligence requirements, and prioritise keywords and identifiers. Multilingual intelligence analysts, with years of experience navigating illicit online communities, assess whether the risk poses a threat to the customer, help maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio, and provide additional context to foreign language content.
“Flashpoint stands alone when it comes to the diversity of its offerings, and the way that it can support different types of organisations, industries, and teams, in assessing and addressing their intelligence requirements,” said DJ Goldsworthy, Director of Security Operations and Threat Management at insurance company Aflac.

by Guy Matthews