Next year will see a huge rise in AI and ML deployments in banking, with many customer-facing employees getting a digital co-worker, an expert in automation software has predicted.
Arnold Koudijs, Financial Services Industry Principal at Pegasystems, said AI and machine learning deployments will see AI-driven ‘helpers’ work alongside banking colleagues to provide guidance and recommendations.
“In 2018, we saw a wave of chatbot technologies,” he said. “In the right channels at the right time and place, chatbots are great and popular with the right customers. But in 2019 there will be something different – a fast rising but invisible wave of digital co-workers.”
He said a study by the company showed that 86% of UK senior executives of corporates including banks were comfortable with the introduction of machine ‘co-workers’: “More than two thirds expected the term ‘workforce’ to cover both intelligent machines and their human colleagues,” he revealed.
Digital co-workers might, he said, be in the form of an AI-augmented agent embedded in the customer service systems and autonomously assisting human workers with AI-powered responses to speed up online interactions.
“The digital co-worker contextually analyzes each message in real time using natural language processing and suggests the most relevant responses,” he explained. “We might also see a digital co-worker that listens into a voice conversation with a customer, autonomously sensing the customer’s mood and nudging their human co-worker how to behave more empathetically. These digital co-workers will become even more helpful with machine learning enabling the AI to better grasp the nuances of customer interaction. This is not about replacing jobs, but how digital co-workers will improve the quality of work for workers.”

by Guy Matthews