The finance sector will struggle to hire enough developers, software architects, CRM specialists, data and security professionals, for both permanent and contract roles, as demand continues to outstrip supply, a leading specialist in tech recruitment has predicted.
Ahsan Iqbal, Director of Technology with HR agency Robert Walters said that this year as much as 2018 will see high demand for specialists in business intelligence, analytics, development, architecture and digital.
“Fintech, e-commerce, online and financial services employers were active last year in recruiting digital professionals across development, DevOps and architecture as they expanded their online and digital offerings,” he said. “Professionals who could demonstrate technical abilities as well as communication and analytical skills were highly sought after, as an emphasis on communicating the threats of cyber security breaches to staff became more important.”
In terms of skills, candidates with a background in BI, data science, AI, cyber security, Java, Linux, CRM dynamics, architecture, cloud security and product are all in demand, he claimed: “In 2019, demand will increase for interim talent as employers implement data, digital and transformation projects,” Iqbal forecasted. “Companies will continue to invest in their security, architecture and data capabilities, driving up salaries in these areas. Competitive salaries and well structured career paths continue to be optimal ways to attract top talent. Innovative yet challenging projects, along with a good work-life balance, will also allow firms to retain and hire the best candidates in the market.”

by Guy Matthews