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Cyber issues need to be faced in Davos run-up, says security expert

Henry Harrison, CTO of Garrison

With the World Economic Forum kicking off in Davos next week, now is the perfect time for C-suite executives in the financial services sector and other major verticals to be engaging with the big tech security issues, a senior software developer has claimed.
Henry Harrison, CTO of cybersecurity solution developer Garrison, said now is the right time to get senior personnel, particularly those who are non-technical, fully engaged with the biggest security questions facing enterprises.
“It’s not a question of how much CFOs need to be involved in cyber risk management because cyber risk management has become a whole-board issue and needs regular attention,” he said. “Instead, the key question is how do senior personnel whose background is non-technical engage effectively with questions of cyber risk management.”
With the World Economic Forum now reporting cyber as a top five risk, Harrison said it is not acceptable for senior personnel to sit back and delegate responsibility to the CISO or CIO.
“When the internet first emerged in the mid-1990s, only technical staff engaged with it,” he added. “But when e-commerce became a top opportunity it was time for all corporate management to take a view. CFOs and their peers have a number of roles to play, including governing day-to-day practice. But it is also their responsibility to ask the big strategic questions, such as is today’s ‘best practice’ cybersecurity really good enough in the face of the threats we face.”

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