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Curve launches in the UK to 50,000 waiting customers

Curve, the payments startup that consolidates debit and credit cards into one service, has launched in the UK to 50,000 members on a waiting list.

The Curve card works like a normal bank card anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard cards. Following the release, new customers can download the Curve app, add their existing cards, and start spending via their Curve card.

Curve’s app shows “instant” spend notifications and will enable users to instantly lock cards they don’t want to spend on. The app will also show spending and insights across all card-linked accounts. Users can switch payments between cards, up to two weeks after a purchase, with Curve’s ‘Go Back in Time’ feature.

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“if a user makes a payment with the wrong debit or credit card, they can retrospectively switch the card they use to pay any time in the next two weeks,” said Shachar Bialick, CEO and founder of Curve, at the time. “No manually re-wiring money; no missed loyalty points; no unintentional incurred fees by using the wrong card.”

Research from the firm, announced alongside the release, has revealed that more than half of UK consumers put losing their wallet or purse as one of their “greatest fears” when out of the house. Further results showed that Brits carry an average of eight cards in their wallets.

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“Most consumers want the benefits of using multiple banks, cards and services, so they can make the most of their money”, said Bialick. “But managing it all and keeping on top of your spend isn’t easy. Now, it’s as simple as downloading the Curve app and getting started – with one card for all your spending, and one app to help you stay on track. It’s like having a ‘mission control for money’, in your pocket.”

Curve works in partnership with Wirecard and Mastercard, while it has investors including Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Lloyds and Google Wallet.

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