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Credit unions’ expansion plans with Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite

Emily Steele, President – North America, Temenos

Temenos has announced the expansion of its relationship with three credit unions, Maps Credit Union, Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union and Guardian Credit Union, with regards to the addition of modules to the Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite. This will provide the credit unions with a comprehensive view of the account holder relationships from origination to managing distressed assets.

Emily Steele, President – North America, Temenos, said: “We are proud to grow our relationships with Maps, Hudson Heritage and Guardian. Adopting a unified platform approach with the Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite will set these credit unions apart, enabling them to improve efficiency and agility while providing the best experience for their members. We look forward to continuing to support these forward-looking credit unions as part of our family of over 600 financial institutions using the Lifecycle Management Suite in North America.”

According to the supplier, Hudson Heritage, headquartered in New York with assets of over $400 million, went live on Temenos Origination for lending in November. It has signed up for Temenos Origination for account opening along with the additional mobile and onboarding features.

Michael J. Ciriello, President and CEO, Hudson Heritage Federal Credit Union, commented, “We are committed to helping our members get where they want to go, which means we are constantly looking to improve and deliver a highly accessible and intuitive experience as new needs arise. Temenos Origination for account opening will provide our members with a streamlined, modern experience that meets them where they are, whether in the branch, in the home or on the go. The platform approach will generate efficiencies as well, and enable our staff to provide a consistent, best-in-class experience, tailored to the needs of the member.”

Similarly like Hudson, Alabama-based Guardian and Oregon-based Maps have extended their Temenos Origination relationship with an aim to increase the efficiency of the onboarding process, and improve the loan decision process.

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