Contactless donations initiative draws fintech praise

Flavia Alzetta, CEO at Contis

The news that Londoners can now make contactless donations to homelessness charities through a network of terminals has been welcomed by a top fintech executive as evidence that innovation can be a force for good.
Donation points, installed by not-for-profit body TAP London, have been placed in 35 locations across London, in an initiative backed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Around 90 more terminals are to appear across the capital this winter to cope with a surge in homelessness. Each tap of the card on the terminal deducts a £3 donation, which will be split between the 22 charities comprising the London Homeless Charities Group.
Flavia Alzetta, CEO at Contis, a fintech specialising in alternative banking solution, said she is encouraged by this use of next generation payment technology to help those in need: “This news shows that fintech innovation isn’t just for niche or exclusive business providers – but is constantly being rolled out across all different sectors of the economy and society,” she said. “Speed and flexibility are going to prove increasingly crucial for businesses and payments providers in 2019, and this initiative is clearly applying that same logic to helping out good causes this festive season. We applaud this kind of thinking outside the box.”

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