Cinnober Financial Technology has released its new standalone risk management solution dedicated to central clearing counterparties (CCPs).

The new system, TRADExpress CCP Risk, has been designed to offer “a single point of access, enabling efficient risk and collateral management across all asset classes”. Cinnober promises “high-speed, real-time risk calculations and automated work processes” from the platform.

TRADEXpress CCP Risk already has one taker, Japan Exchange Group, which plans to go live with the system in 2018.

“CCPs have to a large extent been left with risk solutions originally developed for banks,” says Nils-Robert Persson, Chairman of the Board at Cinnober.

“The requirements on CCP’s risk management has become more complex. We’ve built a solution that meets extreme criteria on speed and functionality – facilitating compliance with regulatory obligations, realisation of business development opportunities and competitive services while never compromising risk management.”

Mikael Öhman, Chief Architect for Risk Solutions at Cinnober, adds: “CCPs need to avoid overburdening market participants with excessive margin requirements without becoming a systemic risk to the financial industry.

“For this, new methods and procedures that give a full view across all asset classes and instrument types are required, and that’s what we’re introducing with TRADExpress CCP Risk.”

by Alex Hamilton
Alex is Senior Reporter at IBS Intelligence, follow him on Twitter or contact him at: