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Cardano Foundation partners with Z/Yen Group’s Distributed Futures to research blockchain and AI

Professor Michael Mainelli, co-founder of Z/Yen and Cardano Foundation’s director of research.

Cardano Foundation has picked think tank Z/Yen Group’s Distributed Futures practice as a research partner on blockchain applications help the development of the Cardano Protocol and its new cryptocurrency, Ada, recently launched on Bittrex in October 2017.

The Foundation will consult with its community of over 15,000 users on an ongoing basis to inform research priorities. Distributed Futures, a new research practice of Z/Yen, is dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.

The partnership will launch projects covering proof of concept and pilot testing, and has already released two joint research papers on the application of smart ledgers, one of which the Dutch government has asked to use in its blockchain work. Already commissioned upcoming research includes: “The Economic Impact Of Smart Ledgers On World Trade”, “Geostamping Approaches For Smart Ledgers”, “Cyber Catastrophe Insurance Linked Securities On Smart Ledgers”, and “Simulating Cryptocurrencies, Coins, And Tokens For Regulatory Control”.

Distributed Futures is led by Professor Michael Mainelli, co-founder of Z/Yen, who will now also undertake the role of Cardano Foundation’s Director of Research. “By developing a better understanding of where tools such as smart ledgers could be best applied, we can engage and educate key industry stakeholders such as policy makers, investors and regulators to ensure the industry is advancing in the right direction,” he commented.

“Our work with Z/Yen will involve direct consultation with our extensive community of Cardano users to develop the potential use cases for the Cardano blockchain, as well as a robust cryptocurrency. We have already set out our roadmap for development and are actively working to integrate tools and functionality that increase use cases in the real economy, not least in emerging markets,” comments Michael Parsons Chairman & Executive Director, Cardano Foundation.

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