Tony Lott, Global Head of Capital Projects for Bloomberg

Financial data specialist Bloomberg has appointed Californian start-up Apstra to deploy innovative network technology at its new broadcast facility in London.
Bloomberg Television said it will use Apstra’s intent-based networking product to gain visibility across, and more effectively manage, the network fabric supporting its media production systems. The deployment is the first time Apstra’s technology has been deployed outside a data centre environment.
Bloomberg said that the network infrastructure at the London facility, its European HQ, demands high performance and high availability associated to underpin the production of eight hours of live television and four hours of live radio programming in the building each day.
Given the size of the company’s new building in London with its multi-vendor production network, Bloomberg said it sought to simplify the management of the network by deploying a data centre-class solution. Apstra said it will help Bloomberg’s team continuously validate the performance of the media production network through automation, providing ‘digital assistance’ to its engineers who are tasked with monitoring, predicting and preventing disruptions in real-time.
“Apstra’s system gives us a single view into the entire media production network – regardless of our devices, switches, operating systems or vendors,” said Tony Lott, Global Head of Capital Projects for Bloomberg’s IT Infrastructure team. “It has enabled us to gain the day-2 operational efficiency needed to manage and sustain the complex network infrastructure in our cutting-edge media production facility.”
Bloomberg Television is Bloomberg Media’s global business and financial television network, available in more than 437 million households worldwide. Bloomberg Television is also delivered to the Bloomberg Terminal, which guides the world’s financial elite with indispensable real-time data, news, and analysis. The network streams live on Bloomberg’s digital and mobile properties, along with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung TV and Roku.

by Guy Matthews