Finnish Bitcoin broker Prasos is seeking funding on the Invesdor investment platform, so as to reach a €16 million revenue in the next three years, with the expected revenue for the current fiscal year at €3 million.

“Since our first Invesdor funding round in 2015, our revenue has quadrupled and by the end of this fiscal year we are seeing our revenue increase at a faster pace. The company is currently highly profitable, but as the sector is growing rapidly, we need to invest in the international expansion with larger stakes,” said Prasos CEO and co-founder Henry Brade. “We also want to further develop our investment services to regular investors that want to diversify their investment portfolios into cryptocurrencies.”

Investors and advisors like Alistair Milne, Khalid Aziz, and Ville Oehman, have supported the internationalization process, as Prasos wants to push cryptocurrency investing towards the mainstream.

“Prasos is focusing the resources on making the investment procedure as easy and convenient as possible for the investors and aim to achieve this goal by further developing its Coinmotion investment platform and by concurrently establishing commercial partnerships with traditional companies providing investment services,” Brade added.

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