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Banks must address upgrade issues or suffer damaging downtime

Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant with Ensono

With banks now suffering well over one major IT outage per month, the extent of the problem needs immediate attention, a senior player in technology services has urged.
“It is more important than ever before that banks manage the upgrading of their IT systems with due diligence, to avoid finding themselves in a similar position to Barclays and TSB,” argued Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant with hybrid IT services provider Ensono, pointing out that the latter suffered more outages last year than any other bank. “Whether relatively small or large-scale mass system outages, banks risk causing customer disruption, losing millions of pounds in revenue and jeopardising key consumer trust.”
Ratcliffe said mainframe systems still form the backbone of thousands of banks’ IT infrastructure, and remain the most appropriate technology available for processing high-volume transactions in the most secure and efficient manner: “Many banks are working to connect these effective systems of record to more modern cloud-based systems to reach their clients, but many are not realising that a fully modernised mainframe can deliver much of this functionality seamlessly and equally effectively,” he added. “However, failure to properly maintain and modernise legacy infrastructure can be problematic. With relevant skills in decline, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain these systems without outsourcing. With expert management and the most innovative encryption capabilities, legacy environments can bolster data security and ensure the smooth running of mission critical applications on a day-to-day basis.”

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