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Sequrest has been selected by Banking Systems of Panama for a 10-year partnership to implement cyber security defence solutions for the latter’s customer base of NexorOne and Bansoft.

These solutions would include biometric and facial recognition technology, to minimise the risk of hacking, unauthorised access and combat other cyber risks.

“Our company mission is to strive to excel by delivering more than expected and our partnership with Sequrest will help us to achieve this,” said Banking Systems CEO, Remy Swaab. “Sequrest will work with our banking customers to address the escalating risks faced in the digital financial world.

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“As a global company, we wanted a partner that understood global risks and could deliver a full spectrum of cyber security solutions that offer complete protection to our customers, irrespective of where they are located.”

Sequrest also offers bespoke advisory protection on an on-going basis according to the organisational requirements and risk profile.

Robert McClure, Managing Director of Sequrest added: “As a world leading e-banking platform provider, Banking Systems are well positioned to enable their customers to mount an effective cyber security defence against current and future threats.

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“Our independent status means that we always recommend the most appropriate cyber security products and technology solutions that meet the requirements of individual customers, in a way that is cost effective and practical. By partnering with Sequrest, Banking Systems will be able to continue focusing on providing the highest quality banking solutions secure in the knowledge that the industry’s leading solutions are protecting their customers from cyber threats.”

by Henry Vilar
Henry is Junior Reporter at IBS Intelligence, follow him on Twitter or contact him at: henryv@ibsintelligence.com