Galleria Mall, in Zinj, Bahrain

Customers of The Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) can now conduct their usual transactions in the bank through self-service kiosks without human intervention.

This follows the opening of its first all-digital branch located in the Galleria Mall, in Zinj, Bahrain.

The bank’s new digitally-aware customer base is now able to conduct cardless cash withdrawals and deposits, cheque book printing and get instant bank card issues at the Galleria Mall centre.

The fully digital branch is the latest plank in the bank’s long term digitisation strategy.

Customers are being encouraged to open accounts and apply for financing through the BisB digital branch. Human interactions have not been completely eliminated, however. Customers can still speak to a bank representative – albeit through a video screen at the branch.

Simplifying the customer experience is the banks’s top priority according to BisB CEO Hassan Jarrar. “Almost every task is easily accomplished online or via video conferencing. We look forward to enabling such self-service and digital services across all BisB branches to simplify [the customer’s] lives,” said Jarrar.

The ‘BisB Digital Initiative’ started in 2017 and aims to include every type of digital service – including online, mobile and video banking to support the digitisation.

by Bill Boyle
IBS Intelligence Senior Editor