A new breed of ransomware has emerged to infect users in Russia and Ukraine, as well as Germany and Turkey.

Researchers have dubbed the new threat “Bad Rabbit”. It has already targeted the Ukraine Ministry of Infrastructure and Kiev’s public transportation network. Russian news service Interfax was also hacked and had to restore its systems.

Teams at Kaspersky Labs and ESET have linked the new malware with a previous breed known as NotPetya / ExPetr.

Bad Rabbit, unlike many forms of ransomware, requires active participation from the victim to enable itself. Victims are encouraged to download an execute a fake Adobe Flash installer.

The malware’s files make numerous references to characters on the HBO seires Game of Thrones. Victims are redirected to a .onion Tor domain where they are asked to pay .05 Bitcoin, roughly $276, in exchange for their data.

by Alex Hamilton
Alex is Senior Reporter at IBS Intelligence, follow him on Twitter or contact him at: alexanderh@ibsintelligence.com