Filippo Rizzante, CTO of Reply

The importance of AI in the home and the workplace is rising fast, and about to outstrip smartphones as a topic of media interest, new research has found.
Digital transformation specialist Reply has released findings on AI in the form of a report, conducted with SONAR, called The State of Artificial Intelligence. The report picks out particularly important trends including chatbots, autonomous ground vehicles, AI process automation, open source AI, AI chips and Natural Language programming.
The report concluded that AI has huge implications for businesses. Predictive analytics, it said, can have a big impact on asset maintenance, forecasting potential disruptions and failures to equipment or the supply chain. Advances in artificial intelligence will lead to more intuitive, emotionally-guided experiences, allowing brands to connect to consumer on a much more personal level. AI Process Automation and decision-making support services will cut down on mundane tasks and free employees to be much more creative with their time. Thanks to breakthroughs in computer vision, businesses can gather better consumer insights or vast amounts of visual data.
“We are living at a time in which AI is rapidly finding its way into everyday life and the workplace,” said Filippo Rizzante, CTO of Reply. “Some advances happen so fast that today we can hardly imagine the things that will be possible tomorrow. The trends identified by SONAR give companies important pointers to help them navigate some already usable transformations provided by the application of algorithms on data.”

by Guy Matthews