IBS Journal

The May issue of the IBS Journal is available now. This issues touches upon a range of topics ranging from the gender pay gap in UK organisations to Artificial Intelligence and its use in analytics. It also discusses the issues surrounding difficulty in dealing with the company’s board to get their buy-in for technology investments through five guidelines for CTO to interact with them. The issue covers exclusive insights, articles and expert interviews focusing on Open banking, crowd funding and P2P lending carrying an exclusive interview with Chet Kamat, Senior VP, Oracle Financial Services.

For 25 years, the iconic monthly IBS Journal has been providing a global FinTech perspective.  It covers a wide range of subjects, including major news & developments, case studies, analysis, leadership interviews, feature articles, as well as the latest industry gossip. It also includes a Feature Foci section that every month provides detailed insights on specific FinTech systems.