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For over 25 years, Technology and Strategy leaders at global banks and financial institutions have relied on us to help them make responsible decisions. Whether it be in terms of market intelligence, scouting for interesting FinTechs to work with, assisting with making new technology investment decisions, and going one step further and helping in the actual execution of technology strategy via implementation assistance. We do it all. Globally.

We have a number of offerings and insights that will help you regularly track the industry’s best practices and what your peers are doing with FinTech and in the banking world. Read more below.

Our Offerings


Bespoke research and advisory capabilities are in our DNA. IBSI’s group unit, Cedar Management Consulting, is a global consulting firm with a significant FinTech and Financial Services consulting practice and a long-list of banking clients from around the world. On top of this, thanks to IBS Intelligence, we understand the FinTech community and its challenges well. IBS Intelligence can easily help your bank with customised research on a fast-tracked basis answering target very specific questions your team might have.  Learn more

Use Case

As a pure-play FinTech market intelligence firm, we are well positioned to help banks drive their FinTech strategies and investments, whereas (small, medium, and very large) FinTechs use us to brainstorm expansion, build funding strategies, and plan growth. Our FinTech use cases give an unbiased and independent perspective on FinTech implementations. Need to read about FinTech implementations and rollouts before your bank invests in one? Want to risk mitigate and be fully aware? Explore our case study repository and offering

Analyst Time

IBSI’s research allows actionable intelligence to clients. However, we also recognise that you are often seeking additional insights to help address a specific concern. Our global team of analysts are available to provide this assistance, almost in the form of a FinTech concierge; anything from a phone call to a half/full day session to deep dive an area of focus. Need quick insights on a specific FinTech trend or company or anything else? Speak with our analyst


Our research methodology is deep and extensive with a strong focus on primary research to complement our secondary research. Our global research team consists of analysts with core expertise across Banking Tech and FinTech areas, who are constantly conducting research on the latest trends, use cases, and companies. FinTechs globally use our in-depth research offerings for reliable market and competitive intelligence and get insights from their potential customers. Explore our research

FinTech Magazine

Since 1991, the iconic IBS Journal has given subscribers around the world a strong monthly dose of trends, predictions, interviews, news, rankings, and insights on global Banking Tech and FinTech markets. Each month’s issue keeps you up to date with the latest FinTech innovation trends, with the aim of helping you stay competitive, make informed investment decisions, and drive effective FinTech and banking strategies. You can view each month’s magazine easily across various digital devices. Read more and subscribe


The efforts of our iconic Sales League Table (SLT) coupled with the meticulous research and analysis done by our global research team, results in an insightful database of Banking Tech deals and implementations over 10 years and counting. SalesVision nicely captures important and valuable information about the implementation and roll-out of Banking Tech systems at financial services institutions globally. Across system types and fully validated. Are you responsible for Banking Tech investment decisions in your company? Would competitive intelligence and trends about what your peer banks are investing in be useful to your strategy?
Explore SalesVision

The CedarIBSI FinTech Lab

Banks lean on us to keep them in sync with FinTech trends and help them identify the next best FinTech solution, whereas FinTech founders use our intelligence to grow, build content and strategise.

IBSI FinTech Lab provides an excellent opportunity for banks to ‘window shop’ a wide range of innovative FinTech and banking solutions from around the world. They can run POCs on these solutions prior to making a buy decision in the IT safe environment of the lab rather than a live bank environment. Membership to our accelerator in Dubai gives you market access, a virtual sandbox for you to play with dummy bank data, access to investors, growth enablers in the form of IBSI research and analysts, and physical lab facilities to woo your next client win. Read more here

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