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Financial services institutions have started leveraging Blockchain solutions using distributed ledger technology (DLT) in multiple areas. The decentralised and immutable nature of Blockchain technology lends itself for use in areas such as cross border, trade finance, capital markets etc. It has high potential to disrupt these traditionally staid sectors with financial services and now deriving better quantifiable value.

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Global Team

IBS Intelligence has a global presence; our research and editorial teams track FinTech markets across the globe and over the years have developed strong analyst relations with Blockchain software providers and banks all over the world.

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As part of an international consulting group with 30+ years of helping financial institutions with their technology and digital transformation, our research offers actionable insights and practical guidance on Blockchain software evaluation, selection and implementation.

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Blockchain is slowly permeating into various areas of financial services technology stack. We have been tracking this emerging technology since its inception through our research, consulting engagements, thought leadership and dedicated editorial coverage.

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Get access to the profiles of leading Blockchain solution suppliers, fund raising activities, new Blockchain solution use cases, different Blockchain technology infrastructure, applications and Blockchain-as-a-service models.

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IBSI covers the entire Blockchain technology spectrum through case studies, use cases involving specialist Blockchain solution companies as well as incumbents with Blockchain software offerings. The editorial team curates the latest developments in Blockchain technology.

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Our analysts track the rapidly evolving Blockchain software markets and have developed a deep expertise of the sector. With regular conversations with the industry participants, they identify the emerging trends in the Blockchain solutions space.

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