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Analyst & Advisory Day

IBSI’s research is strong, allowing it to be actionable intelligence for clients. However, if a client is seeking additional insights to help address a specific issue, IBSI Analysts are available to provide this assistance – anything from a phone call to a half/full day session to deep dive an area of focus.

Analyst Inquiry Blocks

Clients have the option of signing up for Analyst Inquiry Blocks along with the research package they choose to meet their needs. This allows clients to email IBS Analysts who are experts on the research topics with specific questions that need to be answered on an urgent basis. To ensure a FastTrack response, IBS recommends that the questions be emailed, ensuring a response within 48-72 hours. After an email response is provided, the analyst is also potentially available over the phone for any follow-on clarifications.

Advisory Day

IBS is in a position to run full-day workshop sessions at the client site or a mutually agreed location. This allows the client to have a team present in the room to gain insights from a senior CedarIBS team on a range of subjects of clients interest. The topics could include, but are not limited to:


  • Banking Technology Trends
  • Cool FinTech in key banking areas
  • Banking Architecture Trends
  • IT Strategy
  • Supplier Selection
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Setting up an effective IT PMO
  • Running an effective PMO
  • Managing IT Program Risk
  • Making a GO Live decision
  • Post GO LIVE challenges
  • Process Flow Documentation
  • Core Banking Systems
  • Back Office Systems
  • Digital Banking
  • Wealth Management Systems
  • Islamic Banking Systems
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Payments Systems
  • Treasury and Capital Market Systems
  • Trade Finance Systems


  • Technology roadmap for system / vendor
  • Fintech supplier requirements for a CTO
  • Measurement of ROI for a CTO
  • Key account management
  • Product roadmap / innovation
  • Product bundling and pricing strategy
  • Product implementation
  • Market coverage roadmap
  • Competitor positioning & pricing
  • Emerging trends in banking technology
  • Execution framework using the BSC
  • Strategy formulation using the BSC